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    becomes knowledge,,

  • “Standardizing tax processes,,

  • “Knowing how much, where
    and when you pay taxes,,


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TaxModel is a professional services firm, aiming at standardizing and improving tax work process flows. Our approach is based on the concept that tax processes should be an integrated part of the overall business and financial processes and strategy of a multinational. We channel financial and tax knowledge through automated solutions into our client's day-to-day financial and business environment.

Attention for tax strategies, effective tax rates and cash tax has increased over the last couple of years forcing multinationals to consider tax consequences with a larger group of stakeholders. Most stakeholders are not interested in tax technical implications, underlying tax planning and compliance but require transparent, consistent and robust disclosure of a multinational’s global tax position.


We approach tax from our clients' global business and financial perspective and assist them with building transparent, consistent and robust tax work process flows and tax output. We combine advisory services with automated solutions that can deal with global tax complexities without references to local tax rules. We measure our success by your knowledge of how much, where and when your company pays tax today and tomorrow.

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